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Senior Software Engineer | Ecommerce Specialist | IT, Cloud, Hosting, Network &
Systems Manager | Company Director | Entrepenuer | C&G Electrician | Metalsmith

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Hi, i'm David Hazelden!

Full Stack Software Developer

We live in a world of creation, our thoughts are designed and built, I'm a builder.





Early 1980's



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About myself

I've been tackling IT projects for over 18 years, I would consider myself a jack of all trades, and if I labelled myself, a full stack engineer, as I've worked on every different aspect of IT systems from conception to completion.

My business interests are not just limited to the tech sector. I've got essential skills in all building trades (I've studied Metal Smithing and Electrical Engineering). I've been involved heavily in the equestrian industry, from a management side and hands on, including stable, arena and fencing construction and installation.

I'm very competent in all vehicles, with 1000's of hours in ATVs, Tractors, Diggers, Fork Lifts and various Farm and Construction Equipment, I've even had several lessons in a helicopter, I ride a motorcycle and have driven a car over 170mph. On this theme, I've maintained and repaired various vehicles, from regular servicing, tyre changes, drivetrain repair and vehicle detailing and cleaning.


Software Engineering

University of Brighton - 2001

I followed up my advanced double GNVQ and AS Level with Software Engineering, at the time I was heavily into web development in ASP Classic and learning on web languages such as ADA wasn't a good fit for my mindset back then. I believed the course to be antiquated and outdated. Sadly there were very few web orientated degrees in the UK. Still learned much in my year attending, but decided to start my own company and work part time between projects.

Metalsmithing NVQ

Plumpton College - 2008

I decided to take a year out to do Blacksmithing/Metalsmithing, using a classical coke forge to shape steel. I've made Chain Mail sections, and domed copper bowls. In terms of fabrication, I've learned Arc, Mig & Gas weldin, and I've also done Jewellery Craft including carving and pouring a solid Silver Anvil ring.

Electrical Engineering

Lancing College - 2009

After thoroughly enjoying my Metalsmithing course, I wanted to add Electrician to my belt, I completed the first year of the course, but moved back into Web Development to work on projects with local companies and then go into business with a life long friend.

Work Experience

Chestnuts Riding School

Manager and Handyman - Family Business - Current

  • Stable/Horse Management
  • Customer Services & Bookings
  • Vehicle Maintenence

Ecommerce Sussex LTD

- Bespoke Hosting + Ecommerce & Web Design Services - Current

More Info Soon!.

Sussex Hosting Solutions LTD

CTO & Director - 2011 - Apr 2012

More Info Soon.

Order Equine

Proprietor & CTO - Jan 2013 - Current

More Info Soon!

IT Skills

AMAZON WEB SERVICES - Studying for Certification

  • 100% Complete
    EBS - Elastic Block Service 100%
  • 50% Complete
    More Soon Learning 2016


  • 75% Complete
    IT Infrastructure - Hardware, Dedi, VPS, Networking 75%
  • 75% Complete
    Linux: Apache, Mysql, PHP Development 75%
  • 55% Complete
    Web: HTML5, CSS, Javascript 55%
  • 50% Complete
    Retail & Ecommerce 50%
  • 30% Complete
    Dev Ops, PaaS, IaaS 30%

Code Skills

  • 90% Complete
    HTML5 / CSS3 90%
  • 60% Complete
    Javascript 60%
  • 40% Complete
    PHP 40%
  • 40% Complete
    SQL 40%


Equestrian & Countryside

More Info Soon

Fitness & Sports

I've been a tenpin bowler since 1997, still striving for a 300, and that one day bowling will be featured in the Olympics. More Info Soon!



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Brighton, Sussex, UK


+44 7456617999

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“Believe you can and you're halfway there.”

Theodore Roosevelt